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  • Chinese Intelligent Version Power Lifting Module
Chinese Intelligent Version Power Lifting Module

Product Type:Chinese Intelligent Version Power Lifting Module






  [Product Name] Intelligent Chinese Display Edition of Automotive Power Lifting Module


  [Product Model] SD

  Automobiles and Diesel Vehicles of Electronic Throttle Type Globally

  [Product Specification] Display: 5.2cm long * 3.2cm wide * 0.5cm thick, 1.2m long

  _1980 per set

  [Packaging accessories]

  1. Accelerator Connection Host 1

  2. One Chinese Display Regulator

  3. Reverse Penetrating Band

  4. Instructions and Warranty Card

  5. certificate of conformity

  Shenzhen, China

  [Product Services] Three-year + 15-day refund of the National Joint Insurance

  All-metal Tuhaojin Ultra-thin Chinese Display Power Lifting Module

  [Product Function]

  1. Improve the response speed of electronic throttle.

  2. Improve the sensitivity of electronic throttle.

  3. Reduce engine carbon deposition.

  4. Improve electronic throttle hysteresis and throttle sensitivity.

  5. It can save 3-8% of fuel for car-loving.

  6. Performance improvement reaches 40-70%.

  7. Special vehicle, plug and play, non-destructive installation, China Ping An Insurance Company underwrite.

  [Functional description]

  1. Economic model: Accelerate throttle response speed, start faster, manual shift acceleration more smoothly.

  2. Motion mode: Increase instantaneous acceleration, improve bending performance, and obtain the best speed-up effect.

  3. Racing mode: It can achieve super acceleration performance and make the car feel like entering the track.

  4. Overtaking mode: instantly into overtaking state, extraordinary power.

  5. Learning mode: can make the original vehicle and power module more coordinated

  6. Fuel-saving mode: the best fuel economy can be obtained.

  7. Original vehicle mode: restore original plant control.

  [Product characteristics]

  1. Import original port, seamless docking, plug and play, no initialization settings, no external power supply, DIY, 5 minutes to complete.

  2. There is no need to change the original car circuit, circuit, circuit design to prevent module insertion back-protection circuit.

  It can effectively protect power module and automobile circuit.

  3. The latest German automotive digital signal control chip is used in the automotive power lifting mode. The shell is made of first-class fire-proof material, which is safe and reliable, and the main engine is dust-free packaging.

  4. Ultra-thin Chinese LED display controller, Chinese mode display switch at a glance.

  5. Intelligent matching of manual gear and automatic gear, which is easy to set up, can be seen at a glance.

  [Product Principle]

  Automotive power lifting module optimizes the original signal into a new band data transmission to ECU through the module. The new voltage signal is optimized to drive the control object by torque and speed. Open the throttle in advance, let the throttle open in an instant and air enter in an instant. Considering the fuel economy and emission rationality, adjust the throttle opening range reasonably, and control the injection system to restrict the rational injection of nozzle, so as to achieve the best fuel state. By increasing the throttle air volume, oil molecules and air can be more fully burned. The speed will rise instantaneously, the speed of the car will rise, and the power will rise. Then the speed increase indicates that the fuel in the engine is more sufficient, thus reducing the carbon deposit in the engine.

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